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    […] made sense. We certainly could have traveled lighter and faster. For more on winter packing see Pack or Pulk? The relatively short trail into the cabin let us bring lots of gear and […]

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    […] Backpack or Pulk or both. Make sure it’s big enough for all personal gear and clothing plus some common gear/food. […]

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    […] of our trip, the menu, and every item of clothing and gear, including big, well-fitted backpacks, a pulk (a sled with a rigid pulling harness that attaches to the waistbelt of a backpack for carrying even […]

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    […] was heavily crusted patches in the woods. We’d planned on testing a Nordic Cab pulk as part of a pack and pulk combo, pulling some of our gear behind us as we hiked in on snowshoes. The lack of snow forced us […]

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