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    Christy Hotchkiss at |

    Great site and great information!
    Keep the information coming! remember the different classes of outdoor enthusiasts truethfully there are those who can freely go out to may places on a whim for 4 days or more , those that try to squeeze in a few outdoor vacations a year and in between settle with locally oriented weekends… basic family members who get a vacation or two during the spring and or summer months and sometimes a few days besides the weekends in the fall…. The economy rality is tough Jobs are SPOOKY so many don’t want to take too much time off but still need positive outdoor recreational opportunities to de-stress and get back in touch with nature, simple things and hopefully themselves…
    Also many working class cannot truthfully afford $350.00 priced tents and bags…it just isn’t a reality these days too many other bills to pay and things to get for family members, kids, and basic survival. Good quality safe places to enjoy the outdoors at really reasonable prices are critical now. Good, adequate but honestly not priced too high camping and outdoor equipment is vital to getting the basic working class outdoors and sharing great expieriences If tents are really easy to assemble and can be done with one person or if they need two comfortably, if they withstand winds and heavy rains without major leakage…. how and what to use as weatherproofing to help with waterproofness..so many offerings but the real scoop on wahts easy and quick to use and what really works! Many are those WEEKEND warriors campers and outdoor enthusiaists so time is A high premium! Your articles are always valued!

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    David Shedd, Senior Editor & Publisher at |

    Christy, thanks for your comments! I’m of Scottish extraction, which means I’m cheap (sorry to all the other Scots reading this, but hey, it’s true). More accurately, I want value for my money. As much as I love the very best, I usually end up buying something that gives me most of what I want for a better price. As we post more gear information, you’ll see that bias showing up…there’ll be a lot of “bargain” products. Right now, I’m looking into some of the new multi-fuel stoves; for years, canister stoves have been the hot thing (yes, I meant the pun!), but the canisters are heavy and expensive. So…can we get most of the performance for less money using Coleman fuel? More to come!


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