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    […] covered (pardon the pun) the subject of dressing properly for outdoor activity, with  advice on base underwear layers, insulation and shell garments, and keeping head, hands and feet warm […]

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    […] you read last week’s column, you know that choosing the right long underwear can make all the difference in your comfort level […]

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    […] feedback from readers on my recent columns on dressing properly in insulation and outer shells and long underwear for outdoor fun. Most of it has been positive, though a few folks seem to think that I’m strange […]

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    […] in layers—but it helps if you have the right layers: Always start with an ultrathin layer of lightweight wicking underwear—wool or polyester–tops and bottoms next to your skin. That way, even if you sweat (in a […]

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    […] Long underwear (Polyester or wool not cotton ) […]

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    […] it’s cold, you WILL sweat, so having layers that can breathe is important.  Make sure your base layer wicks.  Wear less than you think you’ll need, as long as what you have blocks wind well.  A […]

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    […] all had mid-weight long underwear and downhill ski pants—not ideal for cross-country skiing but not bad either.  We also had […]

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