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    Steve at |

    Nice article. Very informative, particularly about why it is OK to cut these trees.

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    Martha at |

    These make the VERY best trees — lightweight, open and airy (great for ornaments!) and so much easier to handle. For several years a tree stand near us in CT would bring in “wild” trees cut from someone’s woodland in Maine. I could get a 12-14 foot tree (great for my cathedral ceiling family room) and I could carry it myself! A balsam fir with a slim trunk, open branch form, old-fashioned “country” look. BUT… the place can’t get them any more. Does ANYONE know a place in Connecticut where you can cut (or even just BUY) “wild” trees like the ones described in this article?? I would LOVE to know about any such place!

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    Rick Wilson at |

    We were able to get a permit on Sunday, Nov. 18 at the Forest Service desk in the information building just off I-93 , Exit 32 in Lincoln, NH. That is open on the weekends. The permits are also available at the offices in Campton, Gorham and Conway. We hiked Mt. Hedgehog off the Kancamagus Highway-Great views for not too much work. On the way home, we hiked into East Pond from the Tripoli Road and found this red spruce on the way out. We carried it about a mile to the road so it was good exercise.


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