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    TheHikingDiva at |

    I’m a relatively new backpacker/hiker. Only been out bp’ing with others 2x. Been solo anywhere from 1 night to 5, more than 20x.

    I’ve gotten lost a few times, but gotten back on course. I’ve had encounters with critters… none of them really freaked me out.

    My biggest worry has always been others. I would *never* consider drinking on trail solo. I sleep with a knife under my pillow, mace on me and I’m getting a stun gun. It’s unfortunate that we have to be prepared – but I live near where a female hiker (with a dog) was abducted and eventually brutally murdered.

    However, I do enjoy the solitude of hiking. I can take my time, explore things that catch my interest and be alone in my thoughts. The downsides are at night, commiserating around a campfire and taking the safer route b/c I have to rely on myself.

    And the hairy situations I’ve been in have produced renewed confidence in my abilities and resilience.

    Kudos to your solo hike. I hope you explore it more!

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      Susan Marean Shedd at |

      Hey there, Hiking Diva!

      Thank you for your comment! I’m impressed that you have been out solo so many times! It’s quite an amazing experience, one I had never known prior to this.

      I would agree with you…getting lost and experiencing critters is no match to the fear of being vulnerable to humans. I think preparedness is an important component whether alone or with a group. Also, choosing locations where you’re less likely to encounter other humans is a good move; would-be human predators are more likely to go to a “target rich” environment. Bonus: REAL solitude!

      There’s nothing like having time to just “be”. I’m inspired by your confidence and resilience to overcome difficult situations! I will be exploring the solo adventures more!


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