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    Ross at |

    I have just started wearing compression tights and although they don’t really seem to help with performance, i am seeing some benefits with regards to a reduction in recovery time between long runs. That might just be me getting fitter though lol

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    Benjamin at |

    Great write-up, thanks! I’m travelling to NYC next week for the marathon and was wondering whether I should invest in these for the plane ride. I don’t believe in any significant effect during an effort, but “precovery”/travel and recovery might well be influenced. I’ll get me a pair now!

    I’ll blame any sub-par marathon performance on you though 😉

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    Styephen Izen at |

    Thanks for the write up. I am looking for performance tights to run and ride. Check out Opedix. I just contacted them to eliminate the Cho-Pats on both knees.

    Note to Benjamin (too late though!!!)

    I also ran the NYC Marathon on Sunday. Sunday night I fell asleep after the “celebration.” However, Monday I wore my Zoot recovery tights all day (went to the Finisher’s Tent and all through NYC. I feel GREAT. By the way, I wore them on the flight from California to New York and my legs felt wonderful.

    Hope your run was as dramatic as mine!!!


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