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    After learning of three people (2 friends 1 relative) who have been diagnosed (late stage) with Lyme Disease with crippling effects and feeding tubes—-as well as knowing of 3 persons in the same area and neighborhood who DIED as a result of undiagnosed Lyme Disease—you can be assured I learned everything possible I could about trying to prevent it. I bought InsectShield clothing/socks/shirts/pants as well as Sawyer products to spray/soak other clothes and shoes I own, and a solemn oath to myself to never venture outside off the pavement without wearing one or all of those items. Much like your own testimony from its use while camping, it works for the backyard (connected to woods with deer and deer ticks) and I’m as comfortable and as stylish as I need to be. At first it seemed impossible to be protected from this here in the upper Midwest—but now, its second nature and a commitment. I think only of my friends and relative and the 3 that have passed that had no idea of this awful disease. Until a preventive treatment or cure is developed, protective clothing that is treated is the ONLY way for me to ever go “off the pavement” again….Ticks are everywhere, blades of grass in a simple walk, low hanging leaves of anything that grows and so easily to attach to the unsuspecting in non camping ventures its just crazy…I continue to do a body check every night and shower, but the protective clothing is what makes me still feel I dont have to have my whole life managed by these little buggers. I hike and walk and at times backpack camp, but even a simple mowing of the grass or cutting back brush cant be taken lightly anymore, nor a “walk in the park”…thanks so much for your own personal experience and endorsement of InsectShields performance on your camping experiences.


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