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    Kevin at |


    Thanks for the comparison of these two great mountains. I have skied Sugarloaf since I was young and I have never made it to Saddleback. After reading your piece, I am going to try to make a trip to Saddleback. I usually ski during the week so it sounds like it will be nice and quiet at Saddleback.

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    Andrew at |

    Great piece, so glad I happened upon it! Still hemming and hawing between these two as we look at squeezing in one last ski long-weekend over Easter in early April… We seem to favour the “less popular” spots, or is that populated (Wildcat over Attitash; Balsams Wilderness for the ‘kids ski anywhere’ factor – if it were open), so we seem to be naturally drawn to Saddleback. We always hear about how much snow Sugarloaf gets but with the tiny difference in real geography do you think we need to worry about that sketchy end of March/early April period with Saddleback? Or are the two mountains just as likely to have the same stuff on the ground?

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    harold burbank at |

    good review. agree both offer something for all. have skied both all my life (native mainer). raced both, and from there, raced the the best in the usa. saddleback seems to have a slight edge in natural snowfall, perhaps from western exposure, less wind, proximity to lakes and lake effect snows. the ‘loaf ‘skis bigger’ for reasons you stated; more trails, more acres, more vert, wider slopes and bowls, more steeps, more bumps, more people. saddelback is much more intimate; tighter lines and trails, lake views, smaller lodge with huge fireplace, fewer people, fewer lifts, yurt mid station lodge, lower prices (though food is expensive), less hustle. accordingly after a deep snow i prefer saddleback; more fresh tracks for more days. for raw challenge and variety, sugarloaf wins hands down. racing terrain is superior at the ‘loaf, the only eastern ski hill to host a post 1970 world cup DH (which should become an annual event to boost ME winter tourism). bottom line: a kinder, gentler big mountain day is had at saddleback for a bargain price, thus appealing less to adrenaline junkies than the ‘loaf. both offer great skiing, great staff, and great fun.

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    Eric at |

    I skied Saddleback once the year before closure. It was cold and dead, but I loved it. Sugarloaf even on weekends had plenty of space. I am getting older and need both skiing and good nightlife. I usually camp in my cargo van and the Sugarloaf hotel has a 24 hour restroom open to the public. I need my bag burger. Uncle AL was special. Need my nightly music and beer. Still thinking about joining Saddleback mountain foundation and being part owner.


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