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    Patrick Dubois at |

    Thanks for that great review, that was really useful! I was just about to buy the Atlas Sprout 17 but now I’ll pass, as I live in Quebec with wet snow that I’m sure snow will stick to the bottom like you experienced. I’ll try to find a deal on the MSR or Yukon Charlie ones.

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    Dora Hunt at |

    Great article! We are in the process of purchasing our 3 year old son his first pair of snowshoes and this helped a lot. I was considering the Atlas Sprout 17, but after reading this I’ve decided to get the Yukon Charlie’s. Question: Do you recommend poles for a child that young? Tks! 🙂

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    L. Flanagan at |

    Kate Goodin’s review of snowshoes for little kids was a great help. We bought a pair of Yukon Charlie Mtn Goats for my 6 yr old grandson and then decided to get a pair of MSR Tykers for my 3.5 yr old granddaughter.
    My only concern is that the Yukons are colorful and jazzy. The Tykers are not but I think they’ll fit better on a smaller foot – maybe we’ll put some stickers on them!

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    Gretchen at |

    Thanks so much for the thorough review! I don’t know why I didn’t think there were quality snowshoes for kids! I swear I searched before and only ever found the Redfeather Snow Paw, which my son was given as a gift. Talk about worthless. I hope I haven’t turned him off of snowshoeing forever after using those! I ended up ordering Yukon Charlie’s Junior aluminum after your review of the Mountain Goats and after reading reviews on their site. Now I’m excited to get back out there with him 🙂


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