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    Stuart at |

    Great article, loved the photos to show me what you’re writing about. I just bought a Kelty 6650 and I’m experienceing “saggy butt.” This Spring, I’ve been on four training hikes with a pack weight between 35 and 55 lbs and had the same experience. At times I can hear/feel the hip belt slipping and wondered why. Then I notice the shoulder straps are much lower which prompts me to adjust my straps so my pack is more comfortable. Is there a fix to reduce this affect?

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    Mark Alexander at |

    The Kelty Red Cloud pack it self is great. The waist belt is terrible! We have three of these packs, and they all have the same problem with the waist belt slipping. Contacted Kelty and they were of very little help. At some point I may have to replace the belt and use better buckles. Use caution when putting 32 oz water bottles in the mesh pockets. The pockets will tear if to much presure is put on it.

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    David Bentlage at |

    Have you compared the 2012 version of Kelty Red Cloud 110 against the new, 2013 version of Red Cloud 110?

    Also, have you looked at any of the Cabelas XPG Ridgeline packs? For example:

    Thanks, Dave


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