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    Donna at |

    Great post! It was well written, informative and inspiring. Love the “Mayor” nickname- he just might become one someday.

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    Laurie at |

    Great article! We cannot wait to take our little one up to Lonesome.

    For Seek the Peak, we took our 9-month old to Lakes for the night. Most of the people didn’t even know she was there until after breakfast the next morning.

    I think the huts are amazing places for kids – I went there as a kid myself, as did my brothers. But I also think you really need to know yourself, your child, your (combined) limits, and the trails/area for it to really be a good and safe idea. But there’s really no substitute for kid-hut stays… they are treasured memories.

    Great job!

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    mary at |

    You are a terrific mother!


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