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    Fran at |

    We returned yesterday afternoon from our adventure in Merck Forest. Without question, it came as promised and we had a wonderful time staying in the Nenorod cabin. It is the only cabin with two rocking chairs in front of the woodstove.

    We had breakfast at “Up for Breakfast” in Manchester; especially liked the hot maple syrup over their pancakes. We arrived at Merck Forest at noon and luckily, there was just enough snow for our pulk. We packed a bit heavy, but made it to Nenorod in 2 hours…thanks to YakTrax on our boots which made the walking easier. The cabin was perfect for the 4 of us and Jack got the fire burning within minutes thanks to his expertise and the excellent firewood on the cabin porch. Over Coleman and MSR stoves, Kevin cooked Friday’s dinner of filet mignon; vegetable risotto; and carrots. Saturday morning I cooked breakfast burritos using Eggbeaters, onions, green peppers, with corn tortillas heated on the wood stove.

    After breakfast, we went on a 4-hour (7-mile) hike and enjoyed the western view from Mount Antone. For Saturday dinner, Chris made chicken fajitas and afterwards, we played cards until midnight.

    We let the fire burn out Saturday night and everyone slept well. Because of the forecast for rain around midday, we left Nenorod at 8:15am and our return trip took about an hour and a half. We stopped at the Blue Benn diner in Bennington for an excellent late breakfast before returning to Lenox.

    Overall, we can certainly endorse your praise for the Merck Forest: it is well-run; certainly not over-crowded; and you have a wonderful feeling of peaceful isolation at Nenorod.

    Thanks for this recommendation and we’d love to hear what you would recommend for our next trip!

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    Derek at |

    I’ve been going on winter trips with my friends for the past 6 years, and wish I’d found this list sooner! We climbed Mt. Washington, Franconia Ridge, North Kinsman & the Cannonballs, Zealand Falls Hut, Carter Notch Hut, and Gorman Chairback/Little Lyford.

    I was running out of ideas, and this post has just given me the next 15 years. Thank you!


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