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    Frank Lesher at |

    Sweet! I want to do this!

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    Cassie Willner at |

    There are endless options and possibilities for touring on the Route Verte. This summer I’m hoping to cruise from Montreal to Quebec City. You should definitely check it out Frank!

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      Louise at |

      Hi Cassie, did you end up doing the ride from Montreal to Quebec City? If so, do you have another blog/link to it?
      Heading over that way from Australia later this year and the cycling sounds great!

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    Pierre at |

    After reading your article on visiting Eastern Township Qc. by bike , I just want to do the opposite : Visiting by bike the island of northen Lac Champlain . I’m from Montréal and I want to find a safe place to leave my car in Alburg Vt . You mentionned : ” Where should we park our car in Alburgh?” After a quick phone call to the Alburgh town clerk, we were given permission to leave our car in their lot ” I don’t always understand english so i just want more precision about ” Alburgh town clerk ” It’s the parking lot of the city hall ?? Is it mandatory to call there before ? . Thanks a lot in advance .

    Is it mandatory

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    Ron at |

    Great read! What type of bike do you recommend?
    How much of it is packed gravel? I’ve done the Missisquoi trail and it can be soft for a road type bike. Once in Canada, is it paved? Thanks for any


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