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    I enjoy reading posts of winter backcountry experiences, really helps readers formulate plans and properly prepare. One thing I’d like to share. Trails like the Thunderbolt were designed for down-mountain skiing. There are a number of hiking trails to the summit of Greylock. When hikers (on snowshoes) use down-mountain trails it changes the surface texture of the snow making the skiing less enjoyable and sometimes ever dangerous after a thaw/freeze cycle. These old CCC trails were cut narrow to hold the snow and I can’t tell you how many near misses I’ve had skiing down a ski trail while someone is walking up, with a hiking trail within a short distance. If the ski trail is the only route up, there’s not much you can do except stay to the sides. With possibly Mt. Marcy as an exception, there are generally hiking trails to ascend and descend, leaving the ski runs for skiing. This probably sounds cranky to a snowshoer but there are a limited number of down-mountain ski runs in the Northeast but an unlimited number of hiking trails to utilize. Just one BC skier’s opinion and plea.


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