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    Jeb Bouchard at |

    What a wonderful tribute to Pat. Such a remarkable person! My heart goes out to Roger and her sons. For as much as she will be missed by many, they will miss her like no one else can. May you Climb Your Way Out Of Grief in your own time and your own way.

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    Karen Chickering at |

    perfect. thank you so much for this remembrance of Pat.

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    Jeff lyon at |

    I’m Pats oldest son. Awesome memorial to my Mom! This helps. Thank you!

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    Sam Keras at |

    Thank you, Eastern Slopes. This means a lot to us. And thank you for linking her article. Reading it feels like shes letting us know everything is going to be okay. And it will give even more meaning to the mountain hike we’re taking this weekend to say goodbye. Its a perfect remembrance of such an extraordinary soul. I will be re-reading this many many times, I’m sure.

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    Esther Lotz at |

    This is a beautiful article, about an inspirational & amazing woman. She will be greatly missed. Thank you, Esther.


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