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    Stephen Gerome at |

    Hi, it’s 11:11pm in Boston and I am reading your site instead of sleeping.
    I found your description of the Lutsen 45 as comprehensive and informative as any I have ever read. Frankly I just plain enjoyed it.
    Thank You.

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      David Shedd at |

      Thank you! This is a labor of love for us; part of the reason we started EasternSlopes.com came from buying gear based on reviews, and then finding out that products didn’t perform as expected. The classic is “This is a really warm sleeping bag,” which turns out to be “It was warm when I used it at 20 degrees above its rated temperature.” So…hearing that you enjoyed it is the highest praise we can get. Hope you sleep better when you get out into a tent!

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    R.B. AREINGDALE at |

    Thx for great review.Have one in route and looking forward to using. Needed a mid-sized “niche” bag. As of today Left lane Sports listed for $99.98 and used coupon code 20NEWYEAR for 20% off. Don’t know how long coupon will be good for and I’ve never ordered from them before but hoping for good experience. L/XL in grey color only available but with how pack adjusts and price point color not that important.


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