About Us

Welcome to EasternSlopes.com, the Web’s leading destination for outdoor enthusiasts who love mountains of the Eastern U.S. and Canada.

We chronicle the people and places of the Eastern mountains. For people of all ages and abilities, we tell about places to go; things to do; and gear to do it with.


More than 125 million people live in the cities and towns surrounding the eastern mountains.

As a result, these mountains are alive with human activity. At the same time, our mountains are places of immense beauty and surprising serenity. And they’re close at hand — just a short drive … no fancy plans or long airplane rides needed.

We created EasternSlopes.com because we couldn’t find a comprehensive, four-season guide to the mountains where we spend many of our days skiing, hiking, camping and otherwise having fun.


Three people with a passion for the eastern mountains are the founders and creators of EasternSlopes.com.

Here’s the cast:

  • Tim Jones, our executive editor, skis, snowshoes, hikes, bikes, fly  fishes, paddles and camps out as often as possible. In addition to his work at EasternSlopes.com, Tim also writes a pair of weekly newspaper columns and is Managing Editor of The Angling Report, a newsletter for world-traveling anglers..
  • David Shedd, is a lifelong resident of New England, and has been skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, and trying anything that anyone throws at him for most of his life. He often keeps his real estate business going by cell phone from remote mountaintops. A 2001 Maine Mountain Bike Association State Champion, his current goal is to learn to break fewer bones.
  • Nicholas Marcisso, is a fanatic skier, computer genius, and a full-time college student at Southern Maine University. In the summer he rides mountain bikes.


As journalists and publishers, we work to exceed our users’ expectations. We recognize that EasternSlopes.com will succeed only if people find it useful, trustworthy and interesting.

Toward that end, here are a few promises from us to you:

  • We’ll tell a straight story. While advertising surrounds stories on EasternSlopes.com, our editorial message is not for sale. Advertisers don’t influence what we write.
  • We’ll make our stories accurate and interesting. We give you advice you can trust – and we strive never to be boring.
  • We’ll speak your language regardless of your age or ability. Our readers are young and old, beginners and experts.

Explore the site. Let us help you find places you haven’t visited, things you haven’t tried.

Then explore and enjoy the eastern mountains as much as we do. Life isn’t a spectator sport. Get out and enjoy!