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    […] a step-by step approach to safety, starting with an emergency kit (for more on that, go here)Now it’s time to talk about the rubber meeting the road…literally.  There’s no […]

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    […] is a no-brainer for my backpacking emergency kit(for your car, you might want to consider other options).  To paraphrase Lee Iacocca, if you can find a better light, buy it! Share and […]

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    neletele at |

    Good reminders for the upcoming season. From experience I’d add the following: Winter clothing – the gloves mentioned above are a good idea but I’d add – keep an old winter coat in the car along with a pair of old winter boots and maybe pants too. Sometimes you break down when you’re not in “expedition mode” already and if you need to exit the vehicle in a storm, when all you have on is your business clothes, you’ll be glad you had the extra clothes. Same thing for some sort of throw rug or an old foam sleeping pad – ever had to change a tire or work under or in the car in a pile of slushy snow? And don’t forget to have a pen/pencil and all your insurance info and phone numbers (towing service?) up-to-date. You’ll be needing those if heaven forbid you do skid off the road and/or into something. I’m sure others can speak from their own practical experience too…

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    […] stuff…three restaurants in different styles, indoor heated parking (but you still need your emergency kit!), fitness/spa facilities, fireplaces…even all-day daycare!  With studio, 1BR and 2BR […]

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    Allison at |

    I’ve read the article . . .and every time I’m in the car now I think Geez . . . you haven’t taken those precautions from Davids post! I still have to put the extra bucket of window washer fluid in the trunk just in case I run out after a long drive . . .a 20 or a 50 dollar bill might be good to leave in the ash tray or glove compartment too . . . if it is not to tempting to grab and splurge at a lodge somewhere!


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