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    Marti Mayne at |

    Wow! What a great account of the race, David. Kudos and congrats to you and Susan for finishing!

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    webb at |

    This stands as a great summary of the Wildman years later. I remember meeting you at the finish and thanks so much for the beer! That was a special treat! I took the last couple off but going back again this weekend. I love the description of the first photo “do they REALLY know what they’re in for?” You can see the expression on my face “this is going to suck…” I happen to be in lead of that photo although certainly wasn’t the lead pack. 2010 was my 3rd wildman… Luckily I primarily remember the great moments right now! There is a huge mental block on the bad parts and I even have trouble remembering doing it multiple times…. Well thanks for the memories preserved on here – you really brought it back to life for me! 😉


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