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    Antonio Ávila at |

    Thank you, for the detailed information.

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    DanDan the Camping Man at |

    Really great article. So helpful and informative. Thanks!

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    Chris W at |

    You mention weighing the canister to determine fullness… I just switched to Iso Butane I used to use coleman fuel back in college and just bought new gear to start back up.

    Not sure if stuff changed since you read the article.. BUT…


    to the left of the MSR Iso Pro label you can see a pic of the canister in water… and an E and F with lines between them… float a full canister… it lines up with F… as you use gas the weight of the canister changes but it’s volume does not so it’s buoyancy changes… which is reflected in how deep it sits in the water giving you a gauge.

    This is handy because you can measure it out in the woods… or in your kitchen sink.

    I was fairly impressed by that… not sure how recent the labeling changed but it’s awesome…

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    David Lagan at |

    Thanks for sharing yhat info. My wife (58) and myself (64) heading out on a 30 mi backpack/flyfishing hike
    we figure will take us 7-8
    We really had no realistic idea what to expect from
    an 8 oz cannister.
    Thanks to you we now are much more confident
    as you have given us a
    much better feel for what
    cook times to expect.
    Good job. Dgl

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    Matt at |

    I’ve used one of the 8-ounce canisters the last couple weeks for boiling 16 ounces of water to make coffee and tea. So far, I’ve boiled 3.4 gallons in total and believe there’s enough left in the tank to get to 4. These things are great.

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    Kevin at |

    Warning re: SVEA stove. The gasket on the fill cap failed (age), which resulted in a leak, which resulted in a huge fireball that burned until the tank ran out of fuel. This once left me stranded on a long remote trip with no way to cook my food.
    Lesson 1: Operate stove away from tents, backpacks etc.
    Lesson 2: Carry a spare replacement gasket.


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