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    Cathy Yeager at |

    Interesting article on show shoeing! I agree with your comments about ease getting the snowshoes on and recommendations about length and so forth. As an avid on-road bicyclist, I love snow shoeing during the winter to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors with others when cycling is very limited or impossible.

    Fortunately, am able to snow shoe on my own land on marked trails, and I can easily access adjoining city trails and farms and forests. I greatly prefer snow shoeing over cross-country skiing because I feel safe and secure on snow shoes on the rugged terrain of the winding, hilly trails I explore. Especially, I appreciate being able to snow shoe without having to get into the car to drive to trails.

    Living in New Hampshire, it is important to enjoy the outdoors, especially in the winter which can cause cabin fever for those reluctant to take advantage of healthy, fun winter activities. Snow storms are a positive thing for those of us engaging in winter outdoor sports, and being out in the forest is beautiful and peaceful. I think it is great that your article is likely to encourage others to try it!

    I say, “Try it! You will like it!” And, “If you can walk, you can snow shoe.”

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    Tim Jones at |

    Hey Cathy,

    Thanks for your comments. If more people got out on snowshoes in the winter, the world would be a happier healthier place!

    Since you are an experienced snowshoer, I’d love your feedback on my post on Advanced Snowshoe Lessons.

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