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    The best producing hen of the woods tree in maine is located at the Spirit Pond Preserve Phippsburg land trust trails in Phippsburg maine.

    the coordinates are approximately: 43.751511, -69.807439

    Spirit Pond Hen Of The Woods Red Oak Tree Map Link:

    every single year this ancient red oak produces at least 50 pounds of prime grade A hen of the woods, maitake, grifola frondosa, g. frondosa mushrooms! Hen of the woods seems to be independent of drought conditions. Though after years of hen hunting, I have only found hen-of-the-woods mushrooms within 200 feet of water, whether that be salt water or fresh water, or brackish water. Often times the old oaks where they are found are immediately on the edge (even overhanging) of a body of water, and frequently near tidal areas along the coast of maine.

    The Spirit Pond oak tree produces from the middle of September to the middle of October every single year, and has done so for at least the last 15 years and probably longer. The tree is located toward the beginning of the spirit pond trail and about 200 feet from spirit pond at the site of an old homestead and near the spirit pond burial ground. the tree fell directly over a portion of the trail in 2015 but still grows hen of the woods mushroom from the remaining stump, around the stump and from the base of the fallen tree itself in huge numbers and size. Check this tree frequently during the season as it is well known locally to grow hens.

    Where to find the second most productive hen of the woods oak tree in maine is at the Center Pond Phippsburg land trust trail in Phippsburg maine. It is located at the edge of center pond just opposite the beaver pond along the main trail.

    Center Pond Phippsburg Maine Hen of the Woods Map Link
    43.809922, -69.815736

    The preceding geo-location in this instance is exact. The fallen trunk of this tree can be seen on google maps satellite view. This grifola frondosa supporting red oak tree has grown mushrooms as late as mid November and particularly on, and inside the hollow portion of the fallen tip-over dead section which actually rests in Center Pond itself.

    The hen of the woods that this tree produces range from 10 – 20 pounds. this tree is easily accessed and well known, so the maitake go quickly. if you’re the lucky one to get a 15 pound hen of the woods from this tree, you’ll understand why it’s called the dancing mushroom.

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    Chicken of the Woods at |

    Chicken of the Woods Locations at Spirit Pond Phippsburg Maine

    There are also huge amounts of chicken of the woods mushrooms near the same trail locations growing on old and fallen oak trees. They grow randomly between mid June through the end of October, with fall production being the greatest from September through October.

    Honey mushrooms are also found frequently at the same oak locations in October on the dead oaks and on the roots of living oaks.

    Chanterelles may be found at spirit pond in July and August. Boletes are profuse around labor day weekend

    43.752408, -69.806937

    43.750986, -69.807275

    43.751461, -69.808005

    43.749886, -69.811110

    43.748844, -69.811986


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