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    Dave Berger at |

    I like your analysis comparing the two shoes and why they each worked for you. However, the concept of barefoot running (or walking) includes the greater ability for proprioceptive information utilization to adjust foot and ankle usage (the entire body, for that matter) due to the greater ability to feel the ground with thinner soles and heels on the shoe. Neither of the models you tried allow for this so I’d suggest that they do not take the concept of barefoot running into account accurately. And, I am not much of a runner.
    Have you tried Vivo Barefoot shoes for walking or running. They also encourage greater use of the mid-foot and ‘spring’ action dynamics of the foot to allow ease of walking. Admittedly, they do require wearers to learn a new way of walking,and, as a physical therapist, I think this is a good thing. We tend to be very lazy walkers given the typical poor design of most shoes. They just do not allow us to use our feet properly.


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