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    Martin at |

    Great article with lots of details! 2 more suggestions for your next visit here in Quebec city area:

    Inukshuk Adventures (http://www.aventureinukshuk.qc.ca/aventure_en.asp?no=29) that offers dog sledding. You will find just beside a whole lot of outdoors activities through the wonderfull Duchesnay Touristic Station (http://www.sepaq.com/ct/duc/index.dot?language_id=1).

    Finally, if ever you get poor weather and need an indoor activitity where the whole family will have fun, it is definitely at Extreme Karting that you will find it (http://www.kartingextreme.com/) sorry it’s only in french but the staff will deal with you in english.

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    Tim Jones at |


    Thanks for the tip on Inukshuk and Duchesnay. Let’s hope the weather in Quebec is never so bad that you have to go indoor karting instead of skiing, snowshoeing or dogsledding!


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