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    […] As a result of rules 1, 2, and 3, winter adventures require more careful planning than summer excursions of equal […]

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    johhny at |

    Great article, super informative. I am planning a similar trip and your article popped up. Good stuff!

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    Steve Nye at |

    Thanks for the overview. Just a quick side note on the a few of the cabins in the White Mountains that I have stayed at several times in the winter. The Black Mountain and DoubleHead cabins remain very cold unless you keep a blazing fire going for about three days. This has more to do with the fact that they are log cabins and you need to heat up a giant mass to break out of ‘refrigerator mode’.

    On the other hand, the Mt Cardigan High Cabin can be heated to balmy 65 degrees in a couple of hours. The High Cabin is one of the best self-service cabins I have visited. Full propane kitchen, pots/pans, good composting toilet, nearby water, plus a fantastic peak. Not to mention you can ski down a variety of trials. If only there were more like this one.



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